Spring is here – the Sabine bloom boom

The flowers are blooming. Bugs and animals are antsier, enthusiastically taking in the rejuvenating air. The smell of rain is intoxicating. East Texas is feeling the bloom boom, which is helping the area recover from the draughts of 2011 and 2012, but recent rains are not enough. The area as a whole certainly needs more of those April showers.

In the article, “Officials: East Texas lakes, rivers still low,” Glenn Evans of the Longview News-Journal writes, “The Texas Water Development Board reported to the legislature on Monday that 98.6 to 99.6 percent of the state remained in drought. The water board added, though, that the severity of drought was slightly reduced by recent rains.” These are, obviously, high numbers and at first glance, seem a bit unsettling, which is a perfectly reasonable reaction. Sabine River, for example, has been experiencing some lows. Area lakes have also been running low. All of East Texas is clamoring for more rain. Officials are optimistic that the rains will come.

Nevertheless, what of Sabine Lake and Port Arthur? The lack of rain is certainly affecting us, but it is not dampening anglers’ spirits. Ambitious anglers from all across the country are booking fishing trips. Despite draught-like conditions, Capt. Randy’s Guide Services has had a busy and productive April. The beautiful trout, redfish and flounder are numerous and still biting. You will go home with a full haul! Book your Lake Sabine Fishing Trip with Capt. Randy! We will show this draught that it’s foolish to mess with Texas!

For more information on rains in Texas, you can find Evans’ article here.

-Capt. Randy

A banner year for big trout in Sabine Lake

Below is the video for the classic blues song “Sabine River Blues” by Texas Alexander.

While a somber ditty, the song nevertheless conveys the strength and beauty of Sabine River and Sabine Lake.  They are places where memories are made.

Spring is Sabine Lake’s busiest fishing season.  You can feel in the Texan air, the enthusiasm and the optimism.  Many are predicting a bountiful season for big trout.  This is exciting news.  In the recent OUTDOORS COLUMN, Chester Moore, Jr. of The Port Arthur News writes, “This is more of an observation than a prediction but the reports coming in show a banner year for big trout in Sabine Lake and surrounding waters.”

Last year’s trout season left many anglers feeling disappointed.  It was a bit of an off year for trout.  This season looks to be quite the opposite.  Moore predicts that someone will likely catch a 10-pounder.  Not only will it be a busy season, but it will also be a memory-making season.  With trout as big as that, you might as well bring your children along for the ride.  Catching that 10-pounder will never leave your child’s memory.  There really is no better way to begin a lifelong relationship with fishing!

You can find Moore’s column here.

Below is the latest fishing report, from January 2013:

There is some good fishing in January, especially up north end and east pass.  There is also blacks bayou fishing on flats over shell/mud.  2ft to 4ft water off ICW and old river cove.   There are speckled trout up to 4 lbs. and many redfish.

Fishing is a little slower at the Neches River.  The rains and water coming down from the rains have pushed the fish to the north end of Sabine Lake and to mid lake.  I am keying on mullet in 3ft to 5ft. water, dragging over shell bottom in mid lake.  Boxing nice trout up to 5 lbs.

Redfish bite is best on the Louisiana shoreline, flounder too.  I am fishing deep drops to 4 ft. over clamshell.  The best bite for me.  I am keying on mullet.  There are some glass minnows showing up.

The Sabine Pass ship channel holding good numbers of redfish and drum/sheep head.  Fishing is good in the Sabine Pass jetties – lots of sheep head, drum and big redfish along the rocks.

My best baits are Down South Lures, Flounder Pounder and C Shad.  I am also using Pro-Cure Scents shrimp/crab on all baits.

As always, good fishing!  Start booking your trips today.  See you in the spring!

-Capt. Randy

Capt. Randy wishes you a Lake Sabine Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner.  Has all that holiday shopping deflated your spirits?  Do you need to relax and de-stress for a bit?  Consider booking a fishing trip in the New Year with me, Capt. Randy!  I’m currently working on a Lake Sabine December fishing report, but for your fishing curiosity, here is the one from November:

Sabine Lake Fishing is great.  We are boxing limits redfish mid lake to Louisiana shoreline.  There are many birds working 4ft to 6ft water and nice trout up to 3 lbs.  Best bait is 3/8 jig head with down south white shrimp on bottom.  Also fishing 2ft 4ft water over shell/clam bottom.  There are nice speckled trout up to 4lbs, with flounder and redfish mixed in keying on mullet.

South end of Sabine Lake: good speckled trout fishing on outgoing tides.  Many birds.  Best bite for me off Blue Buck Point north drift fishing, trout up to 5 lbs.  Fishing shell humps and deep guts 4 ft. to 7 ft.  Water is best on incoming tides in the early morning.

With the northers coming in, the north end of Sabine Lake is great fishing.  I am fishing right after a front, fishing the old river cove off the ICW and the east pass area.  There are nice trout, lots of redfish and good numbers of flounder.

The Neches River to Beaumont Texas is holding many shrimp, lots of trout and redfish.  We have been catching many fish in the river this month and also in the marshes.   Flounder run is in full swing boxing Louisiana limits in Sabine ship channel.  The flounder is up to 5 lbs.!

My best baits Down South lures/Fish Bites Xtream Shrimp and fish bit strips shrimp/Flounder Pounder C Shad/Trout Ticks/Terrys Rod N Reel Spoons.

As always, good fishing and happy holidays.  If you need to de-stress in the New Year, be sure to contact me at 409-719-6067.

- Capt. Randy (captrandy@fishsabine.com)

Captain Randy & Lake Sabine fishing

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Captain Randy and I’m a full time Lake Sabine Fishing Guide.  I’m also a Texas Saltwater Fishing Guide.  Come fish with me on beautiful Lake Sabine, one of the most blessed sights in these good ol’ United States of America!  Captain Randy Guide Service gives you personalized Lake Sabine Sport Fishing Charters.  Sabine Lake is located in Port Arthur, east of Houston and south of Beaumont, connecting directly to the Gulf of Mexico.  This is God’s country and the fishing is even better!

I’m an angler and a gentleman and proud of it!  If you want to catch those beautiful trout, redfish or flounder, you come and see me.  I know the waters of Lake Sabine like the back of my hand—the ins and outs, the ebb and flow.  I can go out there with my eyes closed and find my way across the 90,000 acres of saltwater, all while catching plenty of fish.

Although it’s the holidays, I’m still booking trips.  There’s always fishing to do and people who want to do it.  It’s my pleasure to show you.  A fishing trip with me is the perfect holiday gift for that hardy guy in your life.  The moment you hop in that boat and feel the sway and pull of Lake Sabine, you’ll never be the same.  Relaxing on a boat surrounded by water is the way to live.  Well, at the very least, it’s a damn good time!

Not only is the fishing great, but Port Arthur is also on the rise and I couldn’t be prouder.   In a recent market intelligence report, courtesy of www.4hoteliers.com, Port Arthur is a growing city.  Luke J Kozelichki writes, “Port Arthur’s economy and lodging industry are being fueled by growth in the energy and healthcare sectors; tourism, shipping, and commerce are also gaining steam, bringing long-awaited signs of promise for area hotels.” That’s good news for local business, but even better news for Lake Sabine and its fishing.  That means more anglers to test the clear waters of Lake Sabine.  They will never be the same!  Book your trip with me today and see a city on the rise!  You can read the article here.

As always, may good waters continue to bless you.

-Captain Randy (captrandy@fishsabine.com)