Spring is here – the Sabine bloom boom

The flowers are blooming. Bugs and animals are antsier, enthusiastically taking in the rejuvenating air. The smell of rain is intoxicating. East Texas is feeling the bloom boom, which is helping the area recover from the draughts of 2011 and 2012, but recent rains are not enough. The area as a whole certainly needs more of those April showers.

In the article, “Officials: East Texas lakes, rivers still low,” Glenn Evans of the Longview News-Journal writes, “The Texas Water Development Board reported to the legislature on Monday that 98.6 to 99.6 percent of the state remained in drought. The water board added, though, that the severity of drought was slightly reduced by recent rains.” These are, obviously, high numbers and at first glance, seem a bit unsettling, which is a perfectly reasonable reaction. Sabine River, for example, has been experiencing some lows. Area lakes have also been running low. All of East Texas is clamoring for more rain. Officials are optimistic that the rains will come.

Nevertheless, what of Sabine Lake and Port Arthur? The lack of rain is certainly affecting us, but it is not dampening anglers’ spirits. Ambitious anglers from all across the country are booking fishing trips. Despite draught-like conditions, Capt. Randy’s Guide Services has had a busy and productive April. The beautiful trout, redfish and flounder are numerous and still biting. You will go home with a full haul! Book your Lake Sabine Fishing Trip with Capt. Randy! We will show this draught that it’s foolish to mess with Texas!

For more information on rains in Texas, you can find Evans’ article here.

-Capt. Randy

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