Capt. Randy wishes you a Lake Sabine Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner.  Has all that holiday shopping deflated your spirits?  Do you need to relax and de-stress for a bit?  Consider booking a fishing trip in the New Year with me, Capt. Randy!  I’m currently working on a Lake Sabine December fishing report, but for your fishing curiosity, here is the one from November:

Sabine Lake Fishing is great.  We are boxing limits redfish mid lake to Louisiana shoreline.  There are many birds working 4ft to 6ft water and nice trout up to 3 lbs.  Best bait is 3/8 jig head with down south white shrimp on bottom.  Also fishing 2ft 4ft water over shell/clam bottom.  There are nice speckled trout up to 4lbs, with flounder and redfish mixed in keying on mullet.

South end of Sabine Lake: good speckled trout fishing on outgoing tides.  Many birds.  Best bite for me off Blue Buck Point north drift fishing, trout up to 5 lbs.  Fishing shell humps and deep guts 4 ft. to 7 ft.  Water is best on incoming tides in the early morning.

With the northers coming in, the north end of Sabine Lake is great fishing.  I am fishing right after a front, fishing the old river cove off the ICW and the east pass area.  There are nice trout, lots of redfish and good numbers of flounder.

The Neches River to Beaumont Texas is holding many shrimp, lots of trout and redfish.  We have been catching many fish in the river this month and also in the marshes.   Flounder run is in full swing boxing Louisiana limits in Sabine ship channel.  The flounder is up to 5 lbs.!

My best baits Down South lures/Fish Bites Xtream Shrimp and fish bit strips shrimp/Flounder Pounder C Shad/Trout Ticks/Terrys Rod N Reel Spoons.

As always, good fishing and happy holidays.  If you need to de-stress in the New Year, be sure to contact me at 409-719-6067.

- Capt. Randy (