A banner year for big trout in Sabine Lake

Below is the video for the classic blues song “Sabine River Blues” by Texas Alexander.

While a somber ditty, the song nevertheless conveys the strength and beauty of Sabine River and Sabine Lake.  They are places where memories are made.

Spring is Sabine Lake’s busiest fishing season.  You can feel in the Texan air, the enthusiasm and the optimism.  Many are predicting a bountiful season for big trout.  This is exciting news.  In the recent OUTDOORS COLUMN, Chester Moore, Jr. of The Port Arthur News writes, “This is more of an observation than a prediction but the reports coming in show a banner year for big trout in Sabine Lake and surrounding waters.”

Last year’s trout season left many anglers feeling disappointed.  It was a bit of an off year for trout.  This season looks to be quite the opposite.  Moore predicts that someone will likely catch a 10-pounder.  Not only will it be a busy season, but it will also be a memory-making season.  With trout as big as that, you might as well bring your children along for the ride.  Catching that 10-pounder will never leave your child’s memory.  There really is no better way to begin a lifelong relationship with fishing!

You can find Moore’s column here.

Below is the latest fishing report, from January 2013:

There is some good fishing in January, especially up north end and east pass.  There is also blacks bayou fishing on flats over shell/mud.  2ft to 4ft water off ICW and old river cove.   There are speckled trout up to 4 lbs. and many redfish.

Fishing is a little slower at the Neches River.  The rains and water coming down from the rains have pushed the fish to the north end of Sabine Lake and to mid lake.  I am keying on mullet in 3ft to 5ft. water, dragging over shell bottom in mid lake.  Boxing nice trout up to 5 lbs.

Redfish bite is best on the Louisiana shoreline, flounder too.  I am fishing deep drops to 4 ft. over clamshell.  The best bite for me.  I am keying on mullet.  There are some glass minnows showing up.

The Sabine Pass ship channel holding good numbers of redfish and drum/sheep head.  Fishing is good in the Sabine Pass jetties – lots of sheep head, drum and big redfish along the rocks.

My best baits are Down South Lures, Flounder Pounder and C Shad.  I am also using Pro-Cure Scents shrimp/crab on all baits.

As always, good fishing!  Start booking your trips today.  See you in the spring!

-Capt. Randy